Active Managed Certificate (AMC)

GENTWO offers the fastest, most flexible, and most secure solution
As an asset manager (EAM), you have no doubt seen that many banks offer Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs). However, be aware that if you have developed an individual investment strategy, these offers may restrict you – even severely so.

This is a common situation many clients are faced when looking for an extremely flexible solution for the execution of their individual and tailor-made portfolio strategies that could include all asset classes like structured products and funds or even reflect an active quant strategy with many trades on a daily basis. After checking all the alternatives, many decide on the GENTWO’s next-generation issuance setup

Within days, EAMs can package their strategy specified by the strategic adviser in a tailored AMC. They can even offer high frequency traded portfolios. For an administration fee of 0.20 percent GENTWO now supports various investment and trading strategies, and conducts a daily valuation (NAV calculation).

In contrast to other conventional issuers, GENTWO clients receive an individual and bespoke issuance solution that allows each client to issue an unlimited number of AMCs without issuer risk from a bank. The custodian and broker can also be selected in a flexible manner, providing the setup that is the best solution for specific application. EAMs can include their preferred management and performance fees.

Classical Options

Asset Managgers
+ Public distribution
+ Internationally accepted
- Expensive structure (legal costs)
- Takes long time to set up
- Highly inflexible (due to regulations)
- High issuance volume required
₊ Legally approved vehicle

₋ High running costs (TER)
₋ Limited investment universe

+ More flexible than Fund
+ Cheaper than Fund
+ Possibility of intraday liquidity
Easy Asset Management Fee collection
+ Customized structure
+ Possibility for an AM to generate a track record
₋ Less flexible and more expensive than GENTWO solution
- Restrictions on maximal trades
+ Easy to invest
+ Possibility to participate in an
investment strategies of the
asset manager

- Issuer risk
- Intransparency

GENTWO Solution

Actively Managed Certificate through your tailor-made issuance vehicle
+ Open platform: AM can choose broker/custodian
+ Full transparent solution (AM can always see the full balance sheet)
+ Lower costs compared to other solutions
+ Cross Assets
+ High number of trades
+ Customized structure
+ Simple set up of new products
+ Easy Asset Management Fee collection
+ Possibility for an AM to generate a track record
₋ no public distribution
+ Less costs = more return
+ No issuer risk
+ Easy to invest
+ Possibility to participate in an investment strategies of the asset manager


Active Managed Certificate (AMC)

For our client, we create the most flexible offering and product to invest and perform in bankable (and non-bankable) assets.

Gamze Palaz
Gamze Palaz Key Midoffice Manager

Gamze what is so important about this particular project?
Gamze: “Creating flexible, best priced and segregated AMCs (Active Managed Certificates) for Asset Managers is extremely important for asset managers and the financial sector. There are several conventional providers in the market, but none of them can do what we can do for our clients. In our setup, the clients can decide who the best custodian and broker is for each strategy in each certificate. If he wants to setup up with his regular bank, a representable name or a cost-effective online broker is his free choice. All his choice!“

Why did the asset manager choose the GENTWO solution over existing offerings?
Gamze: “In this case, we created an offering for the asset manager. Allowing to choose their custodian and brokerage setup freely; no conventional issuer allows that. Our clients get a segregated issuance vehicle that can issue as many different strategies as they wish for their clients without issuer risk in very little time and for a fraction of the cost. We give our client full control over fees and complete transparency.

“For our client, we create the most flexible offering and product to invest and perform in bankable (and non-bankable) assets."

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