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We democratize financial products.
We liberate the buy- and the sell- side.

We are the creators of a new generation of financial products and serve our clients with the ability to securitize bankable and non-bankable assets with a Swiss ISIN and no bank risk (off-balance sheet)
at a minimal price.

Low cost. First class.

All Issuer Services
All Administrator Services
Coordination of Jurisdiction
Daily or Flexible Valuation
Collateral Management
Coordination of Secondary Market
Structuring & Documentation
Life-Cycle Management & Platform
USP Summary
Bankable & Non-Bankable Assets
Off-Balance Sheet Solution
Tailor Made Issuance Vehicle
Robust Jurisdiction
Swiss Security (Swiss ISIN)
Customised Transparency
Full Investment & Risk Control
Instant Setup
Transparent Secondary Market
Product solutions
Structured Products
Active Managed Certificate (AMC)
Static Trackers
Securitisation of Dept
Crypto-Backed Securities
Asset-Backed Securities
Private Equity Finance
Insurance-Linked Securities
Leverage Products


Case Study - Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending

Investment opportunities in securitized Peer to Peer (P2P) loans by GENTWO

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GENTWO Digital - Great media reception

A variety of media has reported on the GENTWO Digital embarkation to securitize all crypto assets.

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'AGEFI - GenTwo met un pied dans les crypto-actifs

La fintech zurichoise s’associe à l’ensemble de l’écosystème de la Crypto Valley basée à Zoug pour la titrisation et l’émissions de produits crypto-financiers à part entière.

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GENTWO Asset Rush - Kaufleuten Lounge 30.10.2018

Thank you again to everyone who attended our Asset Rush Event! It was a pleasure to show with our partners how we can democratize financial products - and how we can bring liquidity to the crypto market with GENTWO Digital. Watch the after movie here.

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Swiss First in Crypto Emissions

The first emissions platform for bankable crypto products has been launched in Switzerland by a fintech joint venture.

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We segregate risk and stop risk aggregation for the benefit of the financial sector.

We make it happen so that financial products can be issued transparently, in the best quality, and at the lowest cost with customizable third-party risk. We are worried about the sector putting itself more and more in jeopardy by having progressively structured products in their balance sheets. This generates enormous efforts and costs to cover risk and leads to disproportionally high product prices.

While facing this situation, we concluded that the traditional dependence between the buy- and sell-side is the reason for inefficiency and non-transparency in the market for structured products. Our liberal minds allowed us to work on a scenario of a democratic, modular, and free market that offers the same chance to any financial intermediary and meets the highest demand for the asset holders.

Our solution, therefore, aligns the buy-side and the sell-side. It serves the sector with a first-class off-balance sheet and segregated issuance vehicles. By offering this, we not only liberate the industry and make bankable and non-bankable assets transferable, but also, offer the great opportunity to reduce or even eliminate third-party risk. Furthermore, our solution gives our clients and business partners absolute oversight of their products, and our simple pricing model guarantees total transparency. We increase your and your client's performance.

Everyone is invited to realize a safe and democratic market for structured products.

Let's work together

GENTWO Digital

The crypto asset industry set out to challenge the traditional finance sector. Talent, ideas, and capital flocked to crypto assets but for many investors, access remained a challenge.

Seed capital was earmarked for these new opportunities but the majority of funds remains trapped in the old system. Banks, institutional investors, and wealthy individuals are missing out.

We are the bridge between these two worlds.

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