Published on 03.12.2020

How Solvium Capital' created access to shipping containers and swap bodies


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Insights on Solvium Capital Strategy

"We were referred to GENTWO, as one of the leading and most innovative structuring companies in the Swiss market for alternative assets. We observed during the early stages of our collaboration that there is a lot of drive for innovation, a lot of knowledge, and also a commitment to find the perfect structure for our investments and for our requirements."

Marc Schumann Managing Director, Solvium Capital


Enter the Swiss market with an investment in shipping containers and swap bodies

Solvium Capital has deep expertise in logistics and has been offering investments in containers and swap bodies to their German clients since 2011.

They observed a growing demand from Swiss institutional investors who appreciated the stability of their investment in logistics which led Solvium to make the decision to enter the Swiss market.

"To be able to supply our investment products to these institutional investors, we realized that we had to find a capable securitization expert that supports us to enter the Swiss market.



Securitize a unique AMC in first-class alternative assets

Solvium Capital focuses on the intermodal parts of the logistic chain by investing in shipping containers and swap bodies.

They securitized a portfolio with containers, lease contracts, and respective lessees of customers that generate a constant cash-flow of income.

"There always will be some kind of consumption, which creates a level of demand for transportation. And all of this transportation is then done in our assets, mainly in shipping containers and some swap bodies."



Allow Swiss institutional investors to access a new stable alternative investment

GENTWO's Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) helped Solvium Capital create an investment into containers to be listed in Switzerland and accessible through a Swiss ISIN.

In so doing, investors could now access an alternative asset that is very stable and produces a constant and well-calculated cash-flow.

"I think the use of our offering is very much about which assets are behind the AMC structure that we are offering. We are the first ones to bring these intermodal means of transportation to the Swiss investor market."


Solvium Capital

Solvium Capital is an asset management company based in Hamburg Germany that specialized in logistics and offers investments in containers and swap bodies.


  • Issuer: Global Logistic Investment Limited
  • Product: AMC on international logistic assets


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