"The platform is a complete success. It allows us to quickly, easily and cost-effectively carry out securitizations that previously were not possible in this way. Within a short time, new customers were able to convince themselves of the platform and implement their first projects - the customer feedback is overwhelming."

Giuliano Glocker
Managing Partner, CAT Financial Products

"From our experience, GENTWO is the ideal partner to realize innovation in the financial industry. Sharing the same values makes our collaboration fruitful and provides a unique bankable solution for clients to manage crypto certificates."

Pirro Morandi
Head Business Development, Crypto Broker AG

"GENTWO has allowed Financial Advisors to broaden their product offering as well as their client base through the use of actively managed certificates. The certificates allow advisors to have direct access to over 120 different exchanges and trading venues, via our online trading platform, in an off-balance sheet product."

Toma Montanari
Business Development, Interactive Brokers