GENTWO was founded in February 2018 by Patrick Loepfe (Chairman) and Philippe A. Naegeli (CEO) and is a disruptive company in the securitization market. The Company provides securitization as a service to its B2B clients using a customized issuance vehicle that allows them to securitize quickly all bankable and non-bankable assets with limited issuer risk and with Swiss ISINs into Swiss securities.

The Company solves the problem of shrinking margins and growth barriers for their B2B clients by making all asset classes accessible, manageable, and bankable.


To securitise all bankable and non-bankable assets across an unrestricted public and private markets investment universe. We help our clients build issuance ecosystems connecting capital with innovative investments, creating tomorrow’s marketplace.


We are the creators of a new generation of financial products. Thanks to our set-up, financial distributors can now implement even more individual, strategic investment ideas for investors, develop new unique selling propositions and position themselves in the market in an exceptional way. With us, market players (asset managers, brokers, banks) will be able to scale their strategies and projects which will allow the whole sector to access a new dimension of growth.

What we are
  • Creators of the next generation of financial products.
  • We make it possible to issue even more individual strategies and assets.
  • Developers of unique selling propositions for intermediaries, brokers, and banks.
  • Innovators regarding products, business models and processes.
Who we are
  • A team of dedicated financial experts drawing on decades of (investment banking) experience to assist clients and partners in a purpose-oriented way.
  • Partnership-oriented professionals who believe in a modular approach that leverages the key competencies of each party (community approach).
  • We are innovators whose ambition is to shape the future landscape of financial markets.
What we do
  • We give access to a theoretically unlimited world of imaginable asset classes.
  • We securitize bankable and non-bankable assets
    • with Swiss ISIN
    • no issuer risk (off-balance sheet)
  • We solve the problem of shrinking margins and growth barriers for many market players.