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Investment portfolio: Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs)

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An individual and bespoke issuance solution that allows each client to issue an unlimited number of AMCs without issuer risk from a bank. Learn more about GENTWO’s next-generation issuance setup – an arrangement that is independent of any bank.

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As an asset manager (EAM), you have no doubt seen that many banks offer Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs). However, be aware that if you have developed an individual investment strategy, these offers may restrict you – even severely so.

This is a common situation many clients are faced when looking for an extremely flexible solution for the execution of their individual and tailor-made portfolio strategies that could include all asset classes like structured products and funds or even reflect an active quant strategy with many trades on a daily basis. After checking all the alternatives, many decide on the GENTWO’s next-generation issuance setup

Within days, EAMs can package their strategy specified by the strategic adviser in a tailored AMC. They can even offer high frequency traded portfolios. For an administration fee of 0.20 percent GENTWO now supports various investment and trading strategies, and conducts a daily valuation (NAV calculation).

In contrast to other conventional issuers, GENTWO clients receive an individual and bespoke issuance platform that allows each client to issue an unlimited number of AMCs without issuer risk from a bank. The custodian and broker can also be selected in a flexible manner, providing the setup that is the best solution for specific application. EAMs can include their preferred management and performance fees.






"The platform is a complete success. It allows us to quickly, easily and cost-effectively carry out securitizations that previously were not possible in this way. Within a short time, new customers were able to convince themselves of the platform and implement their first projects - the customer feedback is overwhelming." GIULIANO GLOCKER, Managing Partner, CAT Financial Products


"GENTWO is a subject-matter expert when it comes to structured products, combining innovation and traditional finance universe. Their ‘getting-things-done’ approach enables to have a turn-key solution for any strategy and asset. Their AMC concept allowed us to include niche investments into traditional asset portfolios." IRINA GOLOFAST, COO, Lemvi


"GenTwo’s solution combines flexibility and innovation. We develop and implement new ideas faster and cheaper than before. "Tailor-made" has never been easier." ROGER GANZ, Head Asset Management, Clarus Capital Group AG

GENTWO offers the fastest, most flexible, and most secure solution

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