Certificate (AMC) of Funds

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Fund of Funds have been regarded as a popular solution for professional investors. Today, an AMC on funds is an even better way to achieve abroad diversification while offering an appropriate asset allocation. What's about the benefits?

  • Asset managers can structure their AMC on funds in a flexible and simple manner
  • The investors can buy the AMCs (Swiss ISIN) on the portfolio of funds at their bank to participate in the performance
  • Asset manager can designate a custodian per note and decide on the most advanced broker for trading and rebalancing
  • Lower costs and a more flexible structure

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Funds of funds have long been regarded as a popular solution for professional investors. Unfortunately, investors face the fact that the returns, generated by the fund managers, are exposed to an accumulation of operational and regulatory costs carried by the manager and underlying funds.

By gaining access to a professional diversified portfolio, investors are finding themselves burdened with high running costs (TER). Due to the time consuming nature of the set-up process, an adequate time to market becomes an additional challenge. Not all funds are accessible to all market participants, many of the high performing funds have special requirements for new investors.

Investing in low correlated portfolios in the same asset class should lead to a portfolio that is less exposed to high volatility swings compared to direct investments in securities or single funds. This helps to achieve better risk adjusted returns in the portfolio context. Today, AMCs on funds and hedge funds can be an even better way to achieve broad diversification while offering satisfactory asset allocation.

GENTWO’s set-up can lead to a faster, simpler and more flexible gateway into a new investment universe and can thus lead to new performance potential and growth.


How GENTWO’s set-up works




"The platform is a complete success. It allows us to quickly, easily and cost-effectively carry out securitizations that previously were not possible in this way. Within a short time, new customers were able to convince themselves of the platform and implement their first projects - the customer feedback is overwhelming." GIULIANO GLOCKER, Managing Partner, CAT Financial Products


"GENTWO is a subject-matter expert when it comes to structured products, combining innovation and traditional finance universe. Their ‘getting-things-done’ approach enables to have a turn-key solution for any strategy and asset. Their AMC concept allowed us to include niche investments into traditional asset portfolios." IRINA GOLOFAST, COO, Lemvi


"GenTwo’s solution combines flexibility and innovation. We develop and implement new ideas faster and cheaper than before. "Tailor-made" has never been easier." ROGER GANZ, Head Asset Management, Clarus Capital Group AG

GENTWO allows you to create flexible Fund Portfolios and Strategies

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