AMC on Structured Products

Simplifying and streamlining portfolio management

Structured Products enrich investment strategies. No wonder they have become an integral part of many modern portfolios. An actively managed certificate (AMC) is a product that addresses investors’ needs similarly to a fund. A single AMC can allow easy integration of several Structured Products which can be managed simultaneously and be mixed with further assets or instruments like equities, bonds or funds. In theory, a series of identically managed accounts can be integrated into a single AMC, allowing the asset manager to reduce operational workload and eliminate tracking errors.

Traditionally, in practice, the asset manager must factor the associated issuer-risk as well as any restrictions imposed by the issuer. Thanks to GenTwo's off-balance sheet issuance setup, however, this has changed. The new generation of AMC on Structured Products no longer bears any issuer risk nor is it subject to limitations imposed by traditional issuers. Another strength of the innovative setup is that it extends to non-bankable assets. In other words, non-conventional non-bankable assets ranging from forestry, machinery, or hotel financing, to peer-to-peer loans and crypto are now investible on a balance sheet-neutral basis.

When it comes to managing Structured Products or Structured Products portfolios, GenTwo has set a new standard. AMCs on Structured Products, launched through GenTwo's issuance setup, allow genuine issuer independence and the broadest possible diversification.




Take full advantage of your AMC on Structured Products. Launch it
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