Voice of FinTech: Disrupting securitization with GENTWO

Insights, Podcasts - 15.09.2020 - 2 min read time

What does the Swiss FinTech do? Where are its key markets? How did the pandemic affect the company so far? Listen to “Voice of FinTech”’s podcast!

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Patrick Loepfe is the founder and Chairman of GENTWO, based in Zurich, Switzerland. GENTWO provides securitization of all assets - bankable and non-bankable - including digital assets with a Swiss ISIN that is off-balance sheet. 

We talk about:

  • What is GENTWO? What do they do? Securitization of what assets?
  • What is the distinction between GENTWO GENTWO Digital?
  • Why GENTWO? What's their unique selling point?
  • Who are their target clients and where are their key markets?
  • Not regulated and not liable for investment performance? How and why?
  • How has the pandemic affected GENTWO’s business so far?
  • Passion projects: financing production of content for streaming services
  • GENTWO’s journey as of today: fundraising, hiring & expansion plans

Listen to Voice of FinTech’s podcast by clicking here:

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About Voice of FinTech

Goal - Mapping out the Swiss and global FinTech ecosystem, aiming to inspire entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures. Connect FinTech enthusiasts with start-ups, incubators, accelerators, investors, and incumbents.

Host - Founded by Rudolf Falat, senior Corporate Finance professional with extensive experience in Financial Services, based in Zurich. Ex Credit Suisse Zurich, Deutsche Bank, and HSBC London. FinTech and Tech enthusiast, start-up mentor, business angel, and executive education coach.

Concept - It’s a weekly podcast interview with FinTech founders and key players in the FinTech ecosystem in Switzerland / Europe as well as the US and Asia. Launched in June 2019.


Listen to GENTWO's Securitization Talks!


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