Partnering with GENTWO: A Token Issuer’s Perspective

Testimonial - 10.12.2019 - 1 min read time

GENTWO Digital is a subject-matter expert when it comes to the securitization of security tokens, building a bridge between the newly emerging digital and the traditional financial market.

“We are converging a real alternative asset (“La Pradera” Cattle Ranch) with future-oriented finance (blockchain-based tokens). GENTWO Digital is a great catalyzer for this”, says Carlos Fernandez Mazzi. “As securitization experts, they are filling a void by providing a bankable asset with a Swiss ISIN so that traditional investors are able to invest without having to open a high-tech electronic wallet.”

Learn more about Carlos Fernandez Mazzi’s Finka GmbH. Listen to what he says about GENTWO Digital’s securitization solution and how it can help investors implement the “La Pradera Digital Security Offering” in their portfolios.



More about FINKA GmbH and the “La Pradera” Cattle Ranch

Finka GmbH is an advisory firm with vast experience in the Americas and member of the Crypto Valley Association. This Crypto Valley-based initiative combines the talent and expertise in blockchain development of CVVC and Inacta AG based in Zug. Finka GmbH is breaking new grounds with the “La Pradera” Digital Security Offering. The token is based on a fully operational cattle ranch with over 3000 hectares of premium grassland and has 4’300 head of cattle. The “La Pradera” digital security offering will issue asset-backed securities representing a Revenue Participation Agreement (RPA) based on an asset with positive value drivers, including the annual operating cash flows and the increasing value of the cattle herd.%

Crypto World,Testimonial Partnering with GENTWO: a venture capital investor’s perspective
Partnering with GENTWO: a venture capital investor’s perspective

CVVC is an early-stage venture capital investor, investing in blockchain startups. They appreciate GENTWO Digital’s workforce because of our know-how and “can do” attitude. “GENTWO Digital is a counterparty that is.

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Crypto World,Testimonial Partnering with GENTWO: an investment company’s perspective
Partnering with GENTWO: an investment company’s perspective

GENTWO Digital is an important partner for Flovtec. We opened doors to clients that Flovtec never had in mind. Flovtec is a quantitative investment company that aims to unlock digital assets by providing liquidity in.

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Testimonial Partnering with GENTWO: A Bank’s Perspective (part 2)
Partnering with GENTWO: A Bank’s Perspective (part 2)

SEBA Bank AG, bank for the New Economy, appreciates GENTWO Digital’s structuring capabilities. The new-built infrastructure solves the need for asset management clients. The crypto space is not an easy or convenient.

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