Partnering with GENTWO: A Healthcare Asset Manager’s Perspective

Testimonial - 27.08.2019 - 1 min read time

GENTWO is a subject-matter expert when it comes to next-generation structured products, building a bridge between (thematic) investment strategies and the traditional financial market.

The Healthcare Sustainable Cost Trend Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) is the first certificate that allows investing in healthcare innovation, specifically innovation that does not drive cost up. In detail, that means you are investing in a diversified portfolio of 25-30 listed stocks in the healthcare sector, namely biotech, MedTech, diagnostic health, digital health, and other specialized healthcare services.

“It’s an off-balance-sheet product, meaning that for the investor, there is no issuer risk.”, explains Dr. Nathalie Flury and continues: “The setup went very fast because, within three months only, we were able to launch this certificate with GENTWO and Aquila as a custodian bank. In total, it was a very straightforward, quick, and very pleasant collaboration for us.”

Learn more about VIOPAS Partners AG and listen to what founding partner Dr. Nathalie Flury says about GENTWO’s securitization solutions. How can it help investors implement their unique healthcare sustainable investment approach into their portfolios?

Viopass x GENTWO

More about VIOPAS Partners AG

Investing in healthcare and biotech requires specialist investment knowledge and expertise to build and manage portfolios. During our over 50 years of combined investment, scientific and operational expertise in banking, venture capital, biotech, MedTech, and pharma, we have proven to consistently deliver to our stakeholders. VIOPAS Partners AG is a specialized asset manager for listed and private healthcare investments with a clear focus on the macroeconomic trend of sustainable healthcare. VIOPAS Partners AG is a member of Aquila, a FINMA regulated entity.

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