Partnering with GENTWO: An asset manager’s perspective

- 28.10.2019 - 1 min read time

Why did Clarus Capital actually choose GENTWO? And why have the asset management experts now started vlogging?

“We highly value the partnership with GENTWO. It gives us flexibility and efficiency to implement turn-key solutions for non-traditional assets within our portfolio management”, says Dejan Ristic, Partner at Clarus Capital AG. Roger Ganz, Head of the Asset Management department at Clarus Capital, adds: “GENTWO’s solution combines flexibility and innovation. Thanks to the innovative issuance setup, we are now able to develop new ideas faster and cheaper than ever before. ´Tailor-made´ has never been easier.”

Clarus Capital starts vlogging

Experts at Clarus Capital are driven by professionalism and passion. They do not only focus on their high-quality asset management, wealth management, and family office services but also think of an appropriate way to approach clients. This is why a modern communication format has been added to the offering: Clarus Capital has launched its first Vlog. What is a Vlog? To put it simply: Vlog is a combination of video and blog. But vlogging is not only posting videos online. A vlog is an interactive video blog post about upcoming news, events or a vlogger's (private or professional) life, as well as any other activity a vlogger thinks is worth mentioning through a video, instead of writing it on their blog. In the case of Clarus Capital the vlogging will be about current market updates to inform about interesting insights and Clarus Capital’s views on specific market topics. Check out Clarus Capital’s first Vlog and how it provides a human face for its company and brand

Clarus Capital Group AG was founded in 2011. The name Clarus stands for the values that the company puts into practice in dealings with its clients, partners, and employees: Communication, investment structures, and performance records should be clear, transparent and straightforward. Since 2012, a number of experts who have become excited by this idea joined the firm. Today, Clarus Capital Group AG is one of the fastest-growing Asset Managers in Zurich’s financial market both in terms of headcount as well as assets under management. And the journey has only just begun. Core Business: Wealth Management, Asset Management, Advisory und Investment Solutions, Private Equity, and Family Office Services.