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    Markets Monthly Pulse (July '21)
    Monthly Pulse (July '21)

    Economic Outlook Today, over 15 months after COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic the virus still poses a threat to the markets. Another new variant forces cities into lockdowns and travellers into quarantines..

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    Markets Monthly Pulse (June '21)
    Monthly Pulse (June '21)

    Economic Outlook With price growth data in the US and Europe exceeding expectations, US President proposing more and more enormous spending plans - the latest one amounting to $6T - and omnipresent supply shortages,.

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    Markets Monthly Pulse (May '21)
    Monthly Pulse (May '21)

    Economic Outlook Vaccination programs are progressing steadily across the globe: over 7.5% of the world population have received at least one dose. More and more countries are lifting mobility restrictions. However, as.

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    Markets Monthly Pulse (April '21)
    Monthly Pulse (April '21)

    Recovery and reopening paths are diverging across the world: on the one hand, some countries like Australia, New Zealand, China have almost eliminated COVID19 within their borders through strict repeated lockdowns, that.

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    Markets Monthly Pulse (March '21)
    Monthly Pulse (March '21)

    New infections and deaths from COVID-19 have been steadily falling in the world for several consecutive weeks.

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    Markets Monthly Pulse (February '21)
    Monthly Pulse (February '21)

    With mass vaccinations launched across the world, investors’ optimism pushed markets to the all-time high in January.

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    Markets Pulse Outlook 2021
    Pulse Outlook 2021

    Overall, 2021 is promised to be the year of recovery – this is the consensus of the overwhelming majority of analysts. However, substantial uncertainty remains depending on how successful the vaccine distribution and.

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    Markets Review and economic outlook (December '20)
    Review and economic outlook (December '20)

    November finally brought the little bit of optimism that investors were so desperately waiting and hoping for: several companies around the globe announced their vaccine success. 

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    Markets Review and economic outlook (November '20)
    Review and economic outlook (November '20)

    While the pandemic has entered into the “second wave” stage across the world, beating some of the terrifying spring records, many European countries have responded with stricter measures from public gathering bans and.

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    Markets Review and economic outlook (October '20)
    Review and economic outlook (October '20)

    Despite COVID-19 surpassing one grim milestone after another, large-scale lockdowns are mostly seen as, with some exceptions, unlikely to be repeated globally this year.

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