News - 29.03.2019

New Swiss Fintech Map is out

Traditional Swiss quality and innovation: check out who’s part of March’s Swiss Fintech ecosystem.

The Swiss Fintech scene is growing. The reason is that business models providing future-oriented solutions for financial markets participants are on the rise.

The Swiss Fintech Map (April version of 2019) is regularly adapted and published by Swisscom. It shows who’s part of the promising industry in Switzerland.

Swiss Fintech Map (April 2019)

Each month, Swisscom teams up with e-foresight to publish a market overview of Swiss FinTech startups with a categorization based on areas of activity as well as relevant incumbents. The focus is on the following areas of activity:
  • Crowdfunding
  • Crypto
  • Data Driven Insights
  • Insurance
  • Investing and Asset Management
  • Market Information and Advisory Portal
  • Payment
  • Others

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"We are the creators of a new generation of financial products"

The business model of the Zurich-based start-up GenTwo is based on the rapid and low-cost creation of an off-balance sheet receivables mutual fund. l'Agefi's Indices Janvier interview with Patrick Loepfe, chairman and founder.

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GENTWO strengthens communication with Sandra Chattopadhyay

Marketing specialist Sandra Chattopadhyay is now responsible for GENTWO’s communication. Joining from Vontobel, she is now committed to the next generation of financial products.

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GENTWO Digital - Great media reception

A variety of media has reported on the GENTWO Digital embarkation to securitize all digital assets.

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'AGEFI - GenTwo met un pied dans les crypto-actifs

La fintech zurichoise s’associe à l’ensemble de l’écosystème de la Crypto Valley basée à Zoug pour la titrisation et l’émissions de produits crypto-financiers à part entière.

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Swiss First in Crypto Emissions

The first emissions platform for bankable crypto products has been launched in Switzerland by a fintech joint venture.

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Media Release, Official Launch - GENTWO Digital

Newly-founded GENTWO Digital AG creates the world's first issuing platform for financial products in the crypto space.

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New Swiss Fintech Map is out

Traditional Swiss quality and innovation: check out who’s part of March’s Swiss Fintech ecosystem.

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