The structuring of new investment instruments

Interviews - 07.04.2020 - 2 min read time

Zurich-based Fintech GENTWO is known for building securitization platforms for financial intermediaries, issuing second-generation investment products with ISIN code.

This is the English version of an interview that appeared in French and German in edition 17 of Sphère Magazine (March - May 2020).

Sphère Magazine (French version)

Sphère Magazine (German version)

What is it about?

GENTWO's solution makes all liquid and non-liquid assets investable, manageable and "bankable" for investors, asset managers and banks. Now not only bankable but also non-bankable assets can be easily securitized with Swiss ISIN. The low-interest-rate environment demands ever greater diversification from investors and investment advisors. Alternative investments are already an integral part of balanced investment portfolios. However, a survey among Swiss asset managers conducted in June 2019 showed for 60% of respondents alternative assets remain a top priority. The challenge, however, is to bring new assets to the market. Thanks to GENTWO’s innovative securitization solution, structured products of any kind can now be launched and even performances can be tracked. Furthermore, the products can be deposited with any bank worldwide. This enables investors and managers to achieve new growth and best return opportunities.

What more is achieved?

GENTWO is aimed at all players in the financial sector. Customers can concentrate 100% on their investments, while GENTWO takes the complexity out of their hands. Thanks to appropriate services and technological infrastructure, customers are now able to easily implement investment strategies and projects via own platforms. In this way, an added value is achieved through better processes and a clever securitization setup that can flexibly be used. The setup also opens up a completely new investment world that comprises genuine alternative investments in private equity/debt, among others, as well as new investment themes such as film investments, hotel financing or electromobility in the SME sector. With GENTWO platforms, financial intermediaries can realize product and business innovation at the same time.

Which target group is addressed?

Typical users are financial intermediaries: external asset managers, but also family offices, venture capitalists and more and more banks.

Who are the founders?

Patrick Loepfe is chairman and developer of the technological securitization setup. Philippe A. Naegeli is the CEO and key business strategist. They founded the Fintech company more than two years ago.

How much does it cost?

Once the platform is set up, a product issue costs CHF 3,000.00 to CHF 6,000.00, depending on whether the underlying of the product is liquid or illiquid.

GENTWO? This is why!

GENTWO has been the talk of the town for a while now, but what is it about? What do we offer and why should you as an asset manager, bank or family consider innovative securitization platforms?

Click on the video and learn more about the value GENTWO can add to your business.

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