Shipping containers and swap bodies as investable assets: Unique logistics expertise of German-based Solvium Capital enters Swiss market

Media Release - 22.09.2020 - 4 min read time

Hamburg / Zurich September 22nd, 2020: Hamburg-based manager of logistics assets Solvium Capital brings "shipping containers" and "swap bodies" as assets to invest in to the Swiss market. This results from the newly concluded partnership with successful Zurich securitization specialist GENTWO.

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In Germany, investments in containers and swap bodies have been popular with investors for many decades. Containers let the global economy grow together since they have drastically accelerated and cheapened global transport. And what containers are for global transport, swap bodies in Central Europe are for onshore logistics. Amazon, Zalando, eBay & Co. have written an impressive growth story that would not have been possible without highly efficient logistics. And this in turn is based on a superstructure for trucks, a cuboid box with fold-out support legs at each corner - the swap body. Swap bodies have been an attractive investment in Germany for many years. Online trading and swap bodies have a symbiotic relationship: the success of the one is linked to the success of the other. Clever investors are constantly looking for high-yield investment alternatives that also offer the prospect of uncorrelated returns. The container and swap body segments are such interesting investment topics, and it’s a new story for the Swiss market. – So, these assets should enrich the Swiss investment market thanks to its stable income streams. Solvium is a Hamburg-based logistics specialist with a unique and locally based expertise in the container and swap body segment, and has decided to "export" its expertise to Switzerland. For this purpose, Solvium has entered into a partnership with GENTWO, the successful Zurich-based securitization specialist.

The shipping container and swap-body strategy was securitized and became the underlying of a tracker certificate with Swiss ISIN code, which means that professional investors domiciled in Switzerland can now also acquire the investment product off-exchange like any other investment certificate - for example that of a bank issuer. Interested investors looking for new investment alternatives can now use Solvium’s proven investment strategy as an interesting addition to their Swiss portfolios.

André Wreth, Managing Director of Solvium, comments: "We are seeing a growing demand for investment opportunities in our specialized niche segment 'infrastructure and logistics'. We now want to offer our profound expertise in this segment to the Swiss investment market. We are pleased to enrich Swiss portfolios with an alternative investment in containers and swap bodies and to have gained a renowned specialist for innovative securitization in GENTWO".

Philippe A. Naegeli, CEO of GENTWO, adds: "We are delighted about the trust of our newly won German partner Solvium Capital. This investment theme is exciting and it’s a new story for the Swiss market. It comes just at the right time, because the need for new, alternative investments will continue to grow in the future. So far container investments have generated stable income streams. They are also comparatively easy to calculate. And so far, the returns have also shown to be unimpressed by the corona pandemic."


Zurich-based innovative securitization specialist GENTWO has created a new generation of financial products. The company builds securitization platforms for its institutional clientele, enabling professional investors to securitize not only bankable but also non-bankable assets with a Swiss ISIN. The focus on so-called off-balance sheet investment products solves the problem of falling margins and growth barriers for many financial market participants. New performance potential is created because access to a theoretically unlimited world of asset classes has been created. Institutional investors (asset managers, banks, family offices or venture capitalists) can use GENTWO's securitization solution to realize their own product and business innovations.

About Solvium

German based Solvium Capital GmbH, Hamburg, is a provider of solid and innovative investments in the logistics sector for private and professional investors. Solvium focuses on lucrative equipment such as standard containers, swap bodies and standard tank containers used in international goods traffic on the oceans, by rail and on the road. Solvium has had a flawless track record since the company was founded in 2011. In Germany, the company manages over 11,000 closed contracts with private investors and has invested more than 300 million euros in investor capital. Managing directors are Andre Wreth and Marc Schumann.

The group of companies includes Axis Intermodal Deutschland GmbH, the largest rental company for swap bodies in Europe, the container rental company Noble Container Leasing Ltd. from Hong Kong and a stake in the database and AI specialist Maverick Media Consulting GmbH, Hamburg.

Solvium Capital GmbH, Englische Planke 2, D-20459 Hamburg

For pictures of management, containers and swap bodies look here: LINK.


Contact Solvium:

Fondswissen Beratung, Hamburg, Jürgen Braatz, Tel. +49 172 511 34 30

Contact GENTWO:

Sandra Chattopadhyay, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Zurich, Tel.: +41 44 512 75 06


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