Partnering with GENTWO: An Asset Manager’s Perspective

Testimonial - 16.07.2019 - 2 min read time

GENTWO is a subject-matter expert when it comes to structured products, combining innovation and traditional finance universe, says Irina Golofast, COO at Lemvi S.A. GENTWO’s ‘getting-things-done’ approach enables to have a turn-key solution for any strategy and asset.

Irina Golofast, COO Lemvi
It is certainly known that talent needs preparation to lead any project to success. In addition, to bring any new venture to the top of the tree, one needs to be at the right place at the right moment, with a unique and practical value proposition. This exactly summarizes our impression of GENTWO AG, when we got to know each other at the early stage of launching their AMC concept.

At that moment of time, we have been restructuring the long-term existing strategies and looking for an efficient, yet solid and easily accessible solution for qualified investors, that would also allow a certain flexibility for selecting the best available niche instruments of alternative investments.

When we first got introduced to GENTWO team, we’ve been fascinated by their comprehensive and extensive experience, yet each and every team member was a subject-matter expert when it comes to structured products. Not to mention, it was ‘love from the first sight’ with the AMC concept and its features.

What stroke us the most about the company itself? Apart from the turn-key solution for our business, what was and stays the most valuable asset of GENTWO from our perspective – is its people. We can talk a lot about their professionalism, knowledge and expertise, which have been evidenced by many clients. Now, all these talented people have managed to create a family-like environment and develop a great spirit and common culture in a very short time.

This integration of intellectual and emotional intelligence makes GENTWO moving forward at the light speed, which is completely well-deserved. Their ‘getting-things-done’ approach is also what we share at Lemvi, this is why three products have been successfully launched on GENTWO platform – all of them allowing specialized best-in-class investments generally uncorrelated to global markets, such as arbitrage product (Axess AMC), settlement and litigation note (Vitae AMC) and specific niche credit opportunities (Credis AMC).

The underlying strategies of Lemvi AMCs represent liquid alternative investments, precisely selected thanks to the industry knowledge and connections of the portfolio manager. Investors benefit from the asset classes which are structurally non-correlated with traditional equity, credit, commodity, or currency markets, and are unaffected by economic upheavals and geopolitical events. The products enable access to niche funds, such as several carefully picked legal settlement managers in case of Vitae AMC, statistical arbitrage and active trading in Axess AMC portfolio and exceptional opportunities on credit markets, such as bridge financing, healthcare leasing and working capital financing in the basket of Credis AMC

As a result of this productive collaboration, we are also happy to announce the ongoing unique project of launching Lemvi Crypto AMC – the first product in the digital asset industry with crypto arbitrage and market-neutral strategy, that uses an institutional-grade multi-exchange crypto custodian and becomes bankable in a traditional way thanks to the expertise of GENTWO. We invite you to follow the updates and stay tuned on this exciting new product capturing the best features from both the crypto and traditional assets universe.

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