Management of investments in containers and swap bodies

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Investments in containers and swap bodies are now available to Swiss investors. An AMC was structured by Zurich based GENTWO and will be managed by the German specialist for logistics Solvium Capital.

German-based Solvium Capital, specialist for investments in logistics equipment, and Swiss securitization specialist GENTWO joined forces in structuring an actively managed certificate (AMC) that will invest in containers and swap bodies. The Swiss Franc investment with Swiss ISIN is aimed at professional investors in Switzerland. Solvium and GENTWO thus enrich the Swiss market with a new interesting asset class.

World container markets – stable even in times of crisis

The majority of investments will flow in the purchase of standard containers, which are rented to medium-sized shipping companies via subsidiaries in China, Singapore, and South Korea. Over the past decades, the container rental market has repeatedly proven to be largely independent of crises. For example, even at the height of the economic and financial crisis around 10 years ago, the capacity utilization of the container fleet fell only slightly and recovered very quickly. Also, recently the market is still largely unaffected by the corona pandemic.

The world market for standard containers is dominated by only a handful of large shipping companies and some large leasing companies. In the last ten years, the share of containers owned by shipping companies has fallen to below 50 percent. In the low-margin bulk business, the large shipping companies call up large contingents of containers from the large rental companies. Solvium Capital with its subsidiaries specializes in a combination of leasing and services for mid-sized shipping companies. With offices from Singapore to Shanghai and Busan in South Korea, Solvium Capital is in close contact with its clients and clients to be.

Actively Managed Certificate – structured in Switzerland, managed in Germany

Solvium Capital will manage the assets for the certificate with a volume of 10 million Swiss Francs. The Hamburg-based company has been offering various capital investments to German investors since 2011. Solvium has invested more than 300 million Euros of investor capital in over 11,000 closed contracts and has so far paid out 150 million Euros in rents, interest and repayments for contracts terminated. All payments have been made on time and in full. Solvium Capital GmbH submits an annual portfolio report on the inventory of logistics equipment and the income from rentals, which is confirmed by an auditor.


Click on the picture to read Solvium's media release about partnering with GENTWO:

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