Longevity: benefiting from AgeTech

Insights, Passion Investing - 14.09.2020 - 1 min read time

We are living longer and staying healthier for a longer time as well. This trend not only has a positive influence on our social lives but also has the power to change entire industries.

More than 150 companies in the financial sector are currently developing innovative "WealthTech" and "AgeTech" products and services. Artificial intelligence in wealth management will soon create completely new business models that will make banking easier and safer for senior citizens. Longevity can also be used as an attractive investment theme - for example, via a basket consisting of private market investments in longevity solutions based on artificial intelligence. In particular, investors who consider AgeTech and other longevity solutions in their investment decisions could realize a potential interesting return from a tracker certificate with Swiss ISIN.

Read GENTWO’s German guest article that appeared in the “Finanz und Wirtschaft” special edition “Vorsorge” (provision) on 12 September 2020.

Click on the picture to read the whole article in the “Finanz und Wirtschaft” special edition “Vorsorge(on page 14 on the left side). 

Longevity: benefiting from AgeTech

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