Media Release - 16.01.2019

GENTWO strengthens communication with Sandra Chattopadhyay

Marketing specialist Sandra Chattopadhyay is now responsible for GENTWO’s communication. Joining from Vontobel, she is now committed to the next generation of financial products.

Sandra Chattopadhyay
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Individuality has a lasting effect on the capital market landscape. Asset managers will be able to determine their investment strategies even more openly in the future. They will consequently be able to market their own competencies in an increasingly targeted manner. A genuine asset allocation is no longer limited to the so-called "bankable assets" and is more in demand than ever before. The methodology should also include bankable non-bankable assets. Until recently, private equity, private debt, diamonds, art, vehicles, peer-to-peer lending, etc. could not be securitized in a simple investment product. The innovative company GENTWO has solved this problem by creating a new set-up for off-balance sheet investment products. The use of the technology has opened the door to the next generation of investment products. But the investment business is also on the verge of fundamental change for another (conceptual) reason: Existing business models are in the process of "turning around" in a similar way to what happened in the music industry, when suddenly with Spotify for example it was no longer important which song was offered and paid for, but who listened to the song.

Most financial intermediaries, according to CEO Philippe A. Naegeli are not yet aware of the new opportunities that lie ahead in terms of performance and growth. Fees in the investment business, for example, will become history. The real reason for disruption is not the technology itself, but the way we use it. "A modern industry is always purpose-oriented," says Naegeli. “The logical consequence of this are modular partner models that optimally bring out or even leverage the talent of each party. The future belongs to modularity; today, we call it ´community approach’".

With that said, the recent strategic hire is not surprising. Sandra Chattopadhyay, marketing and communications specialist with international experience in the financial products segment, is the company's Chief Marketing & Communications Officer. A clever move by the founders Loepfe and Naegeli. The communications expert for investment products can look back on almost 15 years of industry experience and has already accompanied important market phases (boom and crisis periods). During this time, Sandra Chattopadhyay worked for the major issuers Société Générale, Barclays, UBS, and most recently, for Vontobel for over six years.

Sandra’s move to GENTWO makes sense in the context of the changing market landscape. The pressure on financial intermediaries and the sector itself is increasing despite the fact that talent and experience in relation to the core businesses are still in place. Market players are still enjoying the trust of their clients. The only element that has been missing so far is the tools that must now be used. Sandra Chattopadhyay adds: "GENTWO offers easy access to these tools. Thanks to our set-up, financial intermediaries can now implement even more individual, strategic investment ideas for investors, develop new unique selling propositions and position themselves in the market in an exceptional way. We, at GENTWO, attach importance to customer interaction. Because innovative market players want to actively shape their "customer experiences", we regard them above all as partners and inspirers. Intermediaries are the true players who are able to help the market to achieve strength and new growth".

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