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Know-How - 12.06.2019 - 1 min read time

What is the added value of securitization through an off-balance sheet issuance setup? Our case studies explain potential benefits. A new topic has been added to the growing list of respective whitepapers.

GENTWO's off-balance sheet issuance setup can create new opportunities for many qualified investors. There is an endless amount of assets, investment strategies, and projects that could be securitized now. We show you the benefits of “off-balance sheet securitization” through specific case studies.

Are you interested in finding ways to simplify and streamline portfolio management for example? Then, sign up for our "Case Studies" section and check out our latest white paper on Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) on Structured Products. You will find even more inspiring topics to explore. Just register and download respective whitepapers here:

Click here for the white paper overview.

Make all assets, strategies, and projects bankable. Turn them into conventional financial products with Swiss ISIN code. GENTWO’s securitization experts help you create new growth and product opportunities.

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