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Podcasts - 24.08.2020 - 4 min read time


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Facts, figures, insights by Patrick Loepfe, Chairman and Co-founder of GENTWO


G2 Success Story



Patrick Loepfe:
[00:00:35] Patrick Loepfe: our business developed quite well and is accelerating.  we could increase since the beginning of the year our asset base from 300 million to 500 million assets under administration. We also increase the number of platforms by 30% to 90 platforms and in the product base, we almost could increase our products by 40% to currently more than 160 products. 

[00:01:03]Obviously most of our clients are Swiss-based. That's also where we do our marketing efforts, but by word of mouth, we have already 20% non-Swiss clients, all over the world, but namely from the US, from Southern America, from Israel,  obviously around Europe.

[00:01:25] The clients from French part of Switzerland were, in the beginning, a bit underdeveloped, but within recent months, we actually doubled the number of clients. 

[00:01:38]  When I look at our client base, we see two distinct types of clients that have different uses for our services. One group of clients is looking at alternatives in the bankable AMC sector. So they look for different custodians, probably a solution that has no banking issuer risk. And the other parts of our clients look for simplify the process in investments into alternative or private market investments. 

[00:02:12]  We usually follow the passion of our clients. So our clients come up with new topics, we couldn't think of, for instance, like Barry's Films, with the movie and TV series seed financing or  other parties that do forestry investments, or other people that work on more platform-style of business that can combine private debt with private equity and listed equity investments, or the businesses doing investments in startup gold mining  

[00:02:48]in the beginning we started really with bankable AMCs. So most of our products were bankable AMCs, but quite soon, people also developed ideas around private market investments or alternative investments. And therefore we have right now almost 50-50 alternative investments and bankable investments. Let's say two-third of our products are  AMCs. So it could be an AMC in traded shares or futures trading, but it could also be an AMC that invests private equity and private debt. Hybrid structures are possible. One-third of our products are credit-linked notes, we invest in private debt and our clients add nice features like security in forms of collateral or special types of linked coupons. For instance, a coupon link to an outcome like a pay per use coupon payment, or investment. And obviously we also have normal trackers that just transform an asset into a bankable asset.

[00:03:52]  We believe that within the coming months, we will see a lot more private markets investments, a lot more private banks and wealth managers moving into that space. We will see more people moving away from the traditional limited partnership into our solution because we have better ways of aggregating client investments via our standardized contracts compared to those bespoke partnership models that we saw in the past. 

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