Fintech GENTWO wins engagement of VC Spiros Margaris

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Zurich, January 7, 2021 - Spiros Margaris, a venture capital investor and celebrated futurist (global No. 1 fintech and finance influencer), will become a new member of GENTWO's Advisory Board. The globally recognized financial influencer and experienced start-up coach will provide valuable support to the Zurich-based securitization specialist in its internationalization and scaling initiatives.

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Up to now, multi-award-winning financial thought leader Spiros Margaris, though Swiss himself, has built up his reputation primarily outside Switzerland. He became known through his activities as a senior consultant for several international companies, including two unicorns – the Berlin-based wefox Group and the Saudi company STC Pay, both of which are now valued at over $1 billion each. The first financial influencer to achieve a “Triple Crown” ranking, Margaris has now set his sights on his home country, Switzerland, as the focus of his activities in 2021. Among these activities, he will be joining the Advisory Board of the Zurich-based securitization specialist GENTWO.

Philippe A. Naegeli, CEO at GENTWO, said, “GENTWO is the first Swiss company that Spiros has strategically dedicated himself to. I am very proud that we were able to win over such an internationally respected representative of the global finance scene for our Advisory Board. Spiros’ extensive experience will greatly benefit us in our upcoming growth initiatives, and in scaling our business model. In addition, his immense international network will help us establish valuable international partnerships and penetrate into new segments and ecosystems."

Spiros Margaris added, “I only involve myself in young business models that have already proven themselves but at the same time have further interesting growth potential. So, it was natural that I gravitated toward GENTWO. On the one hand, I was enthusiastic about GENTWO's business model and the commitment of the company’s founders, and on the other I was won over by its broad client base. Functioning as a “thought leader” within the Advisory Board, my role will be to propose new business approaches and help advance GENTWO's securitization activities internationally."

About Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris is a successful venture capital investor and futurist. He acts as a senior advisor and board member for a number of global, innovation-promoting ecosystems and emerging companies, including the SparkLabs Group, mediastalker.AI, and also the F10 Fintech Incubator & Accelerator. Margaris is also involved in the two unicorns wefox Group and STC Pay and is the first international influencer to achieve the “Triple Crown” ranking. In 2018 Onalytica named him No. 1 among international influencers in the areas of Fintech, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and again in 2020 No. 1 among global Fintech influencers. In August 2020, Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters) also named him the global No. 1 among finance influencers. Margaris regularly occupies one of the top three places in other global industry influencer rankings as well. With one “TEDxAcademy Talk” already under his belt, he is a sought-after keynote speaker at international Fintech and Insurtech conferences. For the leading company software producer SAP, he published the AI Whitepaper “Machine Learning in Financial Services: Changing the Rules of the Game.” In addition, Margaris was the first keynote speaker at the “2019 IBM Systems Technical University,” the largest IBM event in Europe, who was not an IBM executive himself. More information is available at


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