Film Investments: “Sounds like a financial novel”

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Financial intermediaries can now easily bring new assets to the market. Films are just a fantastic example. Allnews has taken a look behind the scenes. Read the full interview about how GENTWO happened to securitize a “blockbuster” strategy.

Two actors are on the frontline. Barry Films, an international production company based in Los Angeles, Berlin and Zurich, and GENTWO, an independent Swiss fintech company specializing in the innovative securitization of bankable and non-bankable assets. Barry Films brings more than 25 years of experience in film production. GENTWO brings its capabilities in structuring innovative investment products. Their joint project called Value IP Portfolio has been specifically designed to intervene in the pre-production phase. The investment strategy intends to create potential value by focusing on the development of an idea and bringing together high-quality intellectual property that can be produced in the form of films or television series.

The opportunities are based on the ever-increasing demand for quality content. In 2018, nearly 500 series were broadcast in the United States. That's more than double the figure for 2009, and 871 films have been released in theatres, compared with 478 in 2000. It is also a global market where audiences in all regions increasingly favor local language content, whether subtitled or dubbed. "There are countless film projects that could be interesting," says Philippe A. Naegeli, CEO of GENTWO. "Thanks to the platforms we are building for our partners, appropriate securitizations can easily be carried out".

GENTWO has gone behind the scenes of an adventure that could win them the Oscar of Finance, says Allnews. Find out about how GENTWO happened to securitize potential blockbusters. Read the whole interview that has appeared on Allnews in French.

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Click on the video to hear what Barry Films' co-founder Benito Mueller has recently said about his film strategy and GENTWO's added value:

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